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BJU Kindergarten
BJU Gr. 1
BJU Gr 1 Page 2
BJU Gr 1 Page 3
BJU Gr2 Pg 2
BJU Gr2 Pg 3
BJU Gr 3 Pg 2
BJU Gr 3 Page 3
BJU Gr4 Pg 2
BJU Gr 4 Pg 3
BJU Gr 5 Pg 2
BJU Gr 5 Pg 3
BJU Gr 6 Pg 2
BJU Gr 6 Pg 3
BJU Gr. 7-12 Music/Health
BJU Gr 7 Pg 2
BJU Gr 8
BJU Gr 8 Pg 2
BJU Gr. 9
BJU Gr 9 Pg 2
BJU Gr 10
BJU Gr 10 Pg 2
BJU Gr 11
BJU Gr 11 Pg 2
BJU Gr 12
BJU Gr12 Pg 2
BJU Spanish
BJU French Page 2.
BJU Latin/German Page 3
BJU Gr 9-12
BJU Gr9-12 Pg 2


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ACSI Spelling
Switched On Schoolhouse Sale!
Alpha Omega LIFEPACS
Ambleside Educational Press
Apologia Science
Apologia Science 2
Audio Memory
Backyard Scientist
Baker Books
Beautiful Feet
Bob Jones
Canon Press
Christian Liberty Press
Christian Liberty Page 2
Critical Thinking
Draw Write Now
Easy Grammar Daily Grams
Explode the Code Sale!
Five In A Row
Home Schooler's Journal Sale!
Italic Handwriting
Latina Christiana
Learning Language Arts Through Literature
Learning WrapUps
Modern Curriculum Press Math
Modern Curriculum Press Phonics
Modern Curriculum Press Spelling
Modern Curriculum Press Maps Charts and Graphs
Noble Publishing
Providence Pub.
Reason for Handwriting and Spelling
Rummy Roots
Saxon Math Gr K-3
Saxon Math Gr 4-9
Saxon Math Gr.10-12 & Phonics
Shurley English Grammar
Sing Spell Read & Write
Twin Sisters
Twin Sisters Page 2
Twin Sisters  Page 3
Veritas Press
Veritas Press History
Well Trained Mind
Wordly Wise 3000 Sale!
Wordly Wise Bk 1-4
Wordly Wise Bk 5-9
Writing Strands

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Bob Jones University Press--New

Philosophy of BJU...

Bob Jones University Press Catalog

BJU Kindergarten ] BJU Gr. 1 ] BJU Gr 1 Page 2 ] BJU Gr 1 Page 3 ] BJU Gr2 ] BJU Gr2 Pg 2 ] BJU Gr2 Pg 3 ] BJU Gr3 ] BJU Gr 3 Pg 2 ] BJU Gr 3 Page 3 ] BJU Gr4 ] BJU Gr4 Pg 2 ] BJU Gr 4 Pg 3 ] BJU Gr5 ] BJU Gr 5 Pg 2 ] BJU Gr 5 Pg 3 ] BJU Gr6 ] BJU Gr 6 Pg 2 ] BJU Gr 6 Pg 3 ] BJU Gr. 7-12 Music/Health ] BJU Gr7 ] BJU Gr 7 Pg 2 ] BJU Gr 8 ] BJU Gr 8 Pg 2 ] BJU Gr. 9 ] BJU Gr 9 Pg 2 ] BJU Gr 10 ] BJU Gr 10 Pg 2 ] BJU Gr 11 ] BJU Gr 11 Pg 2 ] BJU Gr 12 ] BJU Gr12 Pg 2 ] BJU Spanish ] BJU French Page 2. ] BJU Latin/German Page 3 ] BJU Gr 9-12 ] BJU Gr9-12 Pg 2 ]

  • Biblical Base

    Our materials are pervasively Biblical; from Spanish to math, we have approached each subject from a thoroughly Biblical perspective that is logical, natural, unforced, and not simply tacked on. We have a statement of Christian educational philosophy  that extends to each subject, and we stuck to that philosophy when we wrote and produced each text.

  • Comprehension

    We're not satisfied with simple memorization and recitation of facts. In math, we help the student understand why numbers relate as they do, and thus why operations work; we don't just have him memorize formulas. In reading, mere reading out loud is not enough; after the student has read silently, we help the teacher ask questions to determine whether the student understands the passage, including the author's assumptions and implications.

  • Interaction

    We think the teacher is more important than our textbooks. We help the teacher interact with the student so that real learning occurs. Our teacher's editions are flexible; rather than locking the teacher into a rigid schedule that makes responding to student needs difficult, we provide more resources than the teacher needs, thereby allowing her to select those approaches and activities that will best address the unique educational needs of her students.

  • Enjoyment

    We think that a student who loves to learn is a student whose learning will not be limited to what we can teach him. So we make our materials engaging and enjoyable. If God is the Source of Truth, why should we present it as though it's not interesting? We make learning fun without sacrificing academic excellence.


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